Superwords is a very funny word game completely free. Find hidden words on the board or invent them with your imagination and the available letters. What level can you reach? Get out of the box. In this game you can go out with your finger and re-enter while selecting the letters. This way you can select lots of letters! Make the words explode in thousands of colors, the longer they are, the more points you make. Reach new records and collect free diamonds. Use diamonds to get special moves especially useful for the toughest levels. In this game there is no time: you can relax and think calmly. For each level you have a maximum number of moves available. Sometimes you'll see the wheel of fortune coming out. Use it to get free special moves. Remember that some letters are worth more points (for example, Q). Always check that there are longer words. If you find the word GAME, check if you can make GAMING or GAMER. Why settle for QUIZ when you can search QUIZZING? INSTALL IT NOW FOR FREE